The HACS Challenge

HACS: Historical-Analytical Comparative System.

The 2020 symposium will bring toguether videogame creators in order to imagine new ways of inspecting the medium’s history. HACS has been developped for the past 5 years at LUDOV (Université de Montréal); it is designed to transcode the experience of gameplay in any genre through 28 interlocking concepts. This tool makes it easy to explore gameplay patterns, with an emphasis on categories of mechanics, interface design, and modes of performance.

Thanks to the international expansion of the project, our team will analyze 2000 games selected by an international committee of experts. We are designing a visualization interface to help scholars and designers navigate this expansive dataset in light of their interests. It seeks to make a larger part of videogame history accessible, either for further scholarly analysis or inspiration for design.

More information on the project:–hacs-

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